The Annual Stringybark Open-Themed Short Story Award

is now open


Entry to Stringybark Short Story Award 2018 is subject to these conditions

Entry is open to all authors of any age or nationality.




















A maximum of three entries per author will be accepted.

The maximum length of each entry is 1500 words excluding the title.

The entry fee must accompany each entry.

Stories must be submitted electronically to award@stringybarkstories.net

Each story must have the cover sheet as its first page. (Download the cover sheet to your computer by clicking this link Stringybark Cover Sheet.

Computer file titles can be named however you like, but please don't name them after Donald Trump or any of his nicknames — we will reject your entry.

The stories are to be formatted in 12 point Times Roman typeface.

Stories are to be single spaced and use 0.5cm indented paragraphs.  For a graphical example of what we want, please see below.

Stories are to be sent as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx), Pages file, Open Office doc file, or an RTF.  They are not to be hosted on other websites where they have to be downloaded by the judges because we won't do it and you will waste your entry fee.  PDF, WPS, TXT formats are not acceptable.

The entry fee for this competition is:

          One story            A$12.50     Two stories         A$24.00 ($12.00 ea)     Three stories      A$33.00 ($11.00 ea)  

The story must match the competition theme.  To meet the theme for this competition the story must have a connection to Australia (no matter how tenuous) and be suitable for readers 16 years and older.

By submitting the story, the author warrants that the story has not been published elsewhere (including electronically) and that they own the copyright to the story.

If the story wins a place or is highly commended then the author undertakes to provide the publisher with the right to publish the story. The copyright to the story is always retained by the author and the author may submit it elsewhere.

If the story does not win a place, the author may still be asked to contribute their story to an anthology of short stories. Permission to reprint the story will not be unreasonably withheld.

Once the story has been received and registered, no refund of entry fees will be made. No changes can be made to the submitted story unless a new registration fee is paid.

The decision of the judges is final and legally binding and no correspondence shall be entered into regarding the awards.

The judges may, at their discretion, change the awards (eg, offer two first places and no third place or vice versa). This may entail changing the amount of prize money allocated to each place-getter. However, the judges are NOT allowed to reduce the total amount of prize money awarded.

The closing date for submissions is midnight 18 March 2017 Australian Eastern Standard Time.  No submissions will be accepted after this time, under any circumstances (unless there has been a technical failure with the internet at Stringybark Stories).  A completed submission consists of: the cover sheet, the entry and the entry fee.

Results will be posted on this website on 22 May 2018.